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Who we are

We are a genuinely active investment management company. Our managers have the courage of their convictions and are not constrained by a house style or benchmark.

We are passionate about, and committed to, delivering the performance investors in our funds expect. We take pride in making you aware of how the money you have entrusted to us is performing. We will treat you in a way that we ourselves would wish to be treated. Treating you fairly is at the heart of everything we do.

Soundly financed and listed on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market, for smaller and growing companies, we manage £3.354 billion of assets (as at 30th June 2017). 

How we are different...

  • We are investment led. Our fund management team, headed by Gervais Williams, is passionate about investing and delivering positive returns in spite of investment challenges;
  • Our fund managers closely manage their volatility with an aim to better sustain our performance through market cycles;
  • We are independently-minded and do not necessarily follow what other fund managers may be doing;
  • Our fund managers have the freedom to invest according to their convictions.
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